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Ogen Actuarial Consulting

Solving the futures problems - today.
By measuring and forecasting future events and evaluating their financial results: What is likely to happen? What can happen? What might happen?

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What do actuarial consultants do?

Actuaries use mathematical and statistical techniques combined with economic and financial models to quantify risks and develop business solutions for them. Using the actuarial thinking tools makes it possible to create value for businesses; Support decision-making while fully mapping and understanding the risks, and plan for the future after mapping the various options.

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Who is actuarial consulting suitable for?

Apart from the traditional fields assisted by actuaries, such as insurance companies, pension funds and banks , actuarial advice is also a sought-after commodity in various and diverse fields: health (health funds, hospitals, medical malpractice); Employee rights (financial reporting, compensation plans, pension rights); Investments; government; E-commerce and even marketing .

Professional Training

Actuaries need long and arduous professional training in diverse areas of knowledge in which they must make use of their work: economics, statistics, mathematics, finance, demography, risk management, accounting, insurance and pensions, regulation, taxation, and more. At the end of the training course, a series of certification exams , which are successfully passed, are awarded by members of the professional association .

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Professional Services

The firm's actuarial consulting is provided in a number of areas of expertise:

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