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The Center for Economic Justice in the Family

Actuarial and professional accompaniment that produces peace of mind and confidence in the separation process.

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About us

The Center for Economic Economic Justice in the Family was founded in 2012 in anticipation of the entry into force of the law for the distribution of pension savings between divorced spouses - 2014, and its purpose is to support the professional processes derived from the use of the law.


The road is significant

Institutionalizing the balance of resources, especially the pension, in the way defined by law, requires in-depth knowledge and skill in the insurance and pension worlds. Even off-balance balancing also has heavy economic implications in many cases. Comparing the various options available to the couple before the separation (or after it in some cases) allows for a more professional and correct conduct in determining the economic separation outline, while balancing the needs of the parties and creating trust in the numbers obtained and the proposed outline.

Personal and professional service

The center has very professional and skilled employees who provide personal and caring service to clients and / or their lawyers throughout the process, which can be very simple at times, but in other cases complex and demanding in terms of the amounts of information required. In any type of process, the actuarial and professional accompaniment produces peace of mind and confidence in the results so that this part of the separation process is as smooth as possible._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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How to appoint the accompanying expert

The professional services can be provided by way of appointing an expert on behalf of the court or tribunal, or by the couple (or one of them). In most cases, this is accompanied by the balancing process as a "court expert" who makes a division for both parties , using the law or alternatively alternative outlines with the consent of the parties.
The final opinion includes a proposed outline for implementation and distribution and, if necessary, an appearance in court or tribunal.

The balance includes, as needed, various items:

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