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The firm's actuarial consulting is provided in a number of key areas of expertise:

  1. Implementation of the updated International Accounting Standard 19 (IAS 19 Revised) - The company has more than ten years of experience in the field. The skilled staff handles hundreds of customers with professionalism and an extremely high level of service. The company has local and international customers, diverse in terms of size (between individual employees and many thousands) and areas of activity.

  2. Economic and financial valuations - for financial reporting purposes, opinions for courts and tribunals (throughout the country), balance of resources, business pricing, etc.

  3. Building unique models and algorithms on demand to deal with complex problems (including for government bodies and business clients) in diverse fields - transportation, communications, insurance - as needed.

  4. Unique specialization in building models in the fields of health and nursing.

  5. Ongoing actuarial advice (service companies; reserve calculation; medical malpractice; labor law).

  6. Labor law - opinions in disputes or lawsuits between employees and employers regarding pension calculations, including actuarial calculations and / or writing opinions and / or appearing in courts.

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