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Advice for groups in personal insurance includes several steps (not all of which are relevant to every client):


  1. Writing a policy in accordance with the definitions of the Insurance Supervision, while trying to combine innovative chapters and coverage items as needed, according to the specific client's needs (very young employees? Are retirees included in the group? Etc.).

  2. Pricing of the policy according to the various chapters in order to exhaust the organization's budget and to conduct effective negotiations with potential insurers.

  3. Writing and managing a tender to achieve optimal conditions.

  4. Preparation of a marketing and advertising plan in the organization and support in the process (lectures, advertising material, answering questions, personal advice - according to the selected service specification).

  5. Ongoing support of the policy - support for complex claims; Examination of dismissed claims; Actuarial conduct with the insurer in the event of premium adjustments; Support for the exercise of medical rights.

* Additional services include writing policies, actuarial calculations, product pricing and product development - on demand.

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