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About Us

Ogen Consulting Group was established in 2002 by Dr. Boaz Yam. Ogen serves over 200 public companies, Government entities and private companies.

The group offers the following lines of business: Actuarial Consulting (including economic and financial valuations), Group and Personal Insurance Consulting, and Insurance Brokering for personal lines.

Each line of business is lead by an expert with vast professional knowledge and years of experience.

Ogen uses advanced models that are supported by computerized tools, allowing flexibility and enabling Ogen to tailor solutions to individual clients' needs.


Actuarial Cosulting

Actuarial Science uses mathematical, statistical and financial methods and models to assess and quantify uncertainty. The development of computer power and Big Data methods allows actuarial techniques to be utilized not only in the insurance world, but also for healthcare spending, financial reporting, valuations and any other related topics.


YDB Advisers

YDB was founded in 2005 by the late Dina Beres, a highly reputable legal counsel and claims expert, and Dr. Boaz Yam. In 2008, Mrs. Sarit Bar Giora joined the team. YDB supports a large number of employers in health insurance related issues, including group health insurance, Long Term Care, Critical Illness, etc.


Family Justice Center

The Center was founded By Dr. Boaz Yam with support and professional guidance from Professor Shahar Lifshitz from Bar Ilan University. The Center supports economic and pension related decision making that can be central in separation and divorce cases.

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