Dr. Boaz Yam

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Founder and CEO

Ogen Consulting Group

Senior Expert (Pension, Health, Benefits).

Founder of Ogen Actuarial, Financial and Business Consulting (2002), YDB Advisors (2005), Center for Economic Equality in the Family (2012), B.Y-Ogen Insurance Agency (2016).

Teaching Positions at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Business, Law and International Schools), Ben Gurion University (International MBA)and Bar Ilan University (International MBA).



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  • Ph.D., Risk Management and Insurance, Georgia State University, Atlanta (USA), 2002.

  • MS     Business-Economics, Georgia State University (2002).

  • MAS   Actuarial Science, Georgia State University (1998).

  • MBA   Finance Major, magna cum laude, Bar Ilan University (1993).

  • BA      Economics-Accounting, Bar Ilan University (1990).

  • Associate of the Society of Actuaries (2004).

  • Passed Israeli CPA exams (1991).

Professional Experience

  • Court expert - actuarial, insurance, economic opinions (dozens).

  • Actuarial adviser to the committee for the investigation of the State of Israel's support to survivors of the holocaust.

  • Actuarial consultant (pension), PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Atlanta - USA (1998-2001)

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