Dr. Boaz Yam

Founder and CEO - Ogen Group


Reputable actuary, insurance and benefits expert.

Teaching positions at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Bar Ilan and Ben Gurion Universities.

Sarit Bar Giora

YDB Advisors



Sarit has 20+ years of experience and is a leading consultant on Israel's healthcare system.

Sarit has degrees in Economics and Statistics, and an MBA.

Fadi Bacheet

Head of IAS19 Department



Holds BA (business) and MS (Actuarial Science) degrees.

Serves as an IAS19 expert with over 10 years of experience.

Jenny Kaydanov, Adv.

Legal Counsel



Jenny serves as the legal counsel of Ogen group. She also heads Ogen's Center for Economic Equality.

Limor Faust

Office Manager and Claims Adjuster



Limor serves as the Office Manager as well as a Claims Adjuster since 2010.


Yael Seesam

Assistant Actuary



Yael joined the team in 2018, after graduating with a BA in Business Administration (with distinctions).

Boaz Mashiah



Boaz joined the team in 2018, after working seven years for two of Israel's largest pension brokers.

Boaz has both a BA and an MBA in Finance.


Dina Beres (1938-2015)

Co-Founder, YDB Beres-Yam Advisors


Dina was the Co-Founder of YDB Advisors.

Dina was one of Israel's first female lawyers, earning tremendous respect and professional reputation for her uncompromising dedication to the ethical conduct of the legal profession.

Before founding YDB, she has worked for over 35 years as a legal counsel and claims manager for Israel's largest health insurer, Harel (formerly Shiloah).

She is sorely missed.

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