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Ogen aims to lead the consulting market in the niches in which it operates, both ethically and professionally. Period.

Ogen is committed to excellence in many ways:

Problem Solving

The aim of most engagements is to solve clients' problems. Not to sell hours. We aim to identify problems, propose possible solutions, and implement the most appropriate chosen one in the most efficient way.


Employees are experienced, well educated and service oriented. They are supported by a senior team on one hand and an efficient back office on the other hand.

Computerized Tools

Ogen invests in advanced computerized tools, either by developing or licensing, to streamline processes and shorten response time.

The company is committed to People:


We work ethically and honestly, and have full commitment to to projects as agreed, thinking in and out of the box, and trying to always be one step ahead.


Ogen's employees represent a wide variety of individual demographics, and can provide support in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian.

Here at your service!

You may contact us and we'll come back to you soon

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